Wednesday, August 24, 2011





Hello everyone

Sorry it has been so long secs my last post, from everything that has happened this year i have been taking everything slower just working and having some fun, my girl friend "Peggy Chung" and i have started a Company Called Gadget-Bot, we would really like to share it with you all and if you have issues with how the site works please let use now we still have a little fixing to do, take care every one.

here is a link to are Site ....

here is are face book link ....

here is are twitter page ....!/gadget_bot

and also here is a Photo of Gadget-Bot him self =)


Matt Choto said...

Beautiful work! Good luck with the company!

Nick Gindraux said...


Man, that is some CRAZY rendering. really cool design robert!

Danny Gardner said...

Looks great man!!! You and Peggy are gonna own it uppp!!! And I love this beautiful meatball bot, sexy design bro.

Robert Simons said...

Thank Guys! your support means a lot =D !!!