Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pirate Charecters

these are some of the Charecters and props for my Pirate Story, after im don with everything ill make a link on my page ware you can view all the work


Matt Choto said...

Awesome work Robert! I was wondering what your workflow for the weapons were, is that all Photoshop, or is there a CAD underlay? Love the material depictions.

Robert Simons said...

BLaaaa hahhaa i should have said ill say now thin hahah it's a sketch up model that i made and thin rendered in modo and thin painted in PS hahaha it's really dosent take that long about 6 hours for each gun =D

Danny Gardner said...

woooooowwwwww robert! crazy stuffff!! i LOVE the top guy, he's so ruggiddd and messssaayyyy. the guns are awesommeee. they need sights though :). maybe some sweet iron sights as well as some fancy scifi red dot sight? pretty damn sweet my mannn!!

Jparked said...

This is what I'm talking about!

I wanna see more of this.

Keep it going robert.

Tim Ridley said...

wow, man! Is there anything that you CANT design? And 3D too! too good

Saiful Haque said...

awesome stuff man! especially the top guy thats just nuts!
-were the weapons rendered in Rino?

Robert Simons said...

WOW thats guys =D


hehe i dint think of that your right hehehe ill take that idea hehehe


thanks man =) there will be 3 more charecters soon =D


Thanks Man =D


thanks dud the guns wore rendered in MODO and thin i painted over and added textures

Ross Tran said...

Nice bro!
nice gunss!!

Jason lin said...

these characters r awesome!!!

Robert Simons said...

WOW thanks so much guys =D

Tom said...

Great pistol! Did you texture it in 3d or paint over in photoshop? Either way it's very impressive.

Can't wait for the next installment