Wednesday, January 13, 2010

yesterday on 13/1/2010 i went to a studio and got really inspired buy all of the amazing work there it was like walking in to a eye rap i have not seen work like that in a wile i was amazed buy every bit of work, here is what i came up with after looking at all that amazing work, i have another storey im working on right know and i plane to have alot of the work up buy the end of this week so please keep watching see you all around

this is how Planets are made as you can see here this planet is having it's atmosphere spraid on like paint lol


danny gardner said...

hahaha that's awesome. this should be a concept for little big planet. me likey the colors too. now show us SABRIELLLLLL!!!

Arron said...

Um... holy crap. Really impressive work on here, Robert. Website's looking sweet, too. Nice job.