Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Lindsey L. said...

I'm going to eat your brain :| This is loco.

Tolland said...

haha This week I thought the same thing--woah! All line drawings! A jack of all trades. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful draftsmanship! Quick point: the rear props would be pushers, so the nacelle should rotate in the opposite direction for landing thrust?

Love the faired-wing stance of the lower concept, but the language of the top is more villanous.. Really inspiring work.

Anonymous said...

picky_bastard mode on

The V/TOL designs with 4 propellers have a small design flaw (given we want some minimal realism)

The two back propellers rotate so they're pushing the air to the back... if they rotate the way they do in your design, it means that, at some point, they have to reverse the air flow. Only way to do this is by reversing the rotation direction, or the blade angles, in any case, it means there will be a point in which the engine will be thrust-less.

the solutions for an engineering point of view: make the four propellers to have the blades forward-mounted. Or make the back engine rotate down instead of up.

picky_bastard mode off

very nice designs btw!