Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Building the Portfolios

For the Portfolio Case i bout a 30$ Case then i got my hands on some black suede cloth that i then alined the inside of the case with, from there i added elastic bands that help my other portfolio's, from there i touch a old pitcher monitor and striped it down and added a battery a ON switch and i alined all this with craft foam that i then covered with Black Suede cloth.

the first Portfolio i built was for my 20K under the see story i did it in order to get in to ENT, the bottom of the portfolio is aluminum that i then burnished with sand paper and alcohol, please ware a mask >_> the hinges are piano Hinges that i then cut down and sanded with my belt sander and finally the top is Acrylic glass that i had my emblem brenda in to.


Carl said...

this is awesome man. art, design, technology.. what else is there you don't know? haha

been busy lately so I guess I'll talk to you some time later.. keep them coming!

Robert Otis Simons said...

Hahaha thanks man =D, tty so

Ben Mauro said...

Haha, damn dude, hardcore.